Category: Generative Art

Atomic Clusters, a molecular particle-based simulation [Processing]

After playing with Clusters by Jeffrey Ventrella [1] for a while, I had this idea to create my own system using a lower level approach, where particles would be considered more as atoms than small agents (see part 3). I wanted to take more of a molecular approach, where particles would be constrained to more physical rules. In this article, I walk you through […]

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Pixel sorting on shader using well-crafted vector fields, GLSL

In my recent projects I have been experimenting a lot with pixel sorting. My concern was to find an algorithm that could handle 4 possible directions, have different directions in different areas, and run on the graphic card. In this article I will walk you through the technique I developed to handle such a problem. Source code is available at the end. 1) The […]

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