Generating a 3D growing tree using a space colonization algorithm

Steps of generation

In this article we will create a procedural growing tree using a space colonization algorithm. The article will be divided into 2 parts: the space colonization algorithm and the generation of a 3D mesh based on the data provided by the colonization. The implementation will be done in C# within the Unity Engine. Source could is available at the end of the article. 1. […]

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Audio analysis for advanced music visualization pt.1

For years know I have been interested in the topic of music visualization. What often disappointed me in the reactive visualizers I saw was the lack of organic reactivity. What we, as human, perceive in music cannot be transcribed by the frequency data only, and often you will encounter visualizers which react to the frequency domain of the signal, but miss the energy we […]

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Reaction diffusion on shader

Creative developers have been playing with reaction-diffusion algorithms for a while now. After seeing countless artworks using this particular algorithm to generate visuals, I decided to learn the system. Plenty of implementations working on a shader level exists out there, but I decided to engineer my own from scratch since the graphic card seemed to be a perfect candidate for the computations. This article […]

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